2012 April 24 Living Memories Ribbon Cutting

Over 19 years ago a group of parents, grand parents, aunts, and uncles from Hernando County had a vision. These families pooled their grief to create through an Organization called The Compassionate Friends a Living Memories Garden for their deceased children. With the assistance of Barry Brewer, donations, and their own money contributions, a beautiful garden came into existence behind the May-Stringer Heritage Museum. The first Memorial Bench dates 1994 and the last Memorial Bench dates 2006 with The Compassionate Friends Organization being responsible for the garden’s maintenance during this time. Compassionate Friends ceases to be represented in Brooksville or Spring Hill, thus, this “best kept secret garden” was left with only sporadic gardening care from Museum volunteers.
Heritage Museum appealed to the Brooksville Garden Club in November, 2011, to consider taking on a Community project of refurbishing and maintaining this garden. .After assessments, discussion and agreements by Board and Membership the Brooksville Garden Club agreed to begin the refurbishment. I volunteered to manage this project and with a volunteer “Power Couple” from the club, I watched as they power washed years of mold and dirt from the granite seats, walkway and the wooden gazebo. Just that improvement was amazing to see in mid December, 2011. This first action energized me to hold the reality “WE CAN DO THIS!” After showing this accomplishment to family/friends at Christmas time our Garden Club received the beginning of the abundant donations that helped complete this refurbishing project in 2012. I gratefully accept and give thanks to the following:
LOWES Brooksville Store-management Jeff Battig , Tony Massey, Linda Flemings & Marie O’Neill: Paint for gazebo and walk way, garden tools, their vender’s top soil and fertilizers, and help with purchasing Memorial Camellias.
CITY OF BROOKSVILLE cemetery, Rich Howard, for bags of red mulch, stones and shade flowers.
Florida-Friendly Landscaping coordinator, John Korycki, for plant ID signs.
Fundraiser item for raffle from William Healis, Wal-Mart Management Services.
Twin City Nursery, Tommy Hinkle with assistance in our purchasing Memorial Camellias
Rita Grant & Master Gardeners in their donation of the “endangered” Cooley’s water-willow for our “pond” water garden

PUBLIX and HALE BEVERAGES for their donations in making today’s celebration a success..

AND, last but not least, MY THANKS to all the Brooksville Garden Club VOLUNTEERS who “suited up and showed up” every Thursday from January to March preparing new gardens, weeding out invasive plant roots, planting their backyard, shade loving, cold hardy donations. OR perhaps donated their time at Garden Fund plant sale. MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK. I sincerely appreciate EVERYONE who has assisted in restoring this vision of beauty, comfort, a true LIVING “Memorial” Garden.

Ronette Snyder, Memories Garden Project Manager

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