2011 December..Jill's Garden

-Heirloom and Cherry Tomato Harvest

Heirloom Tomatoes, mid-May – Black or Russian Variety: Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Carbona, Sara Black
Close-Up, Heirloom Tomatoes Sliced Heirlooms, mid-May

-Climbing Roses

Climbing Roses---a beautiful selection

-Close-Up, Moon Flower.

Succulent Collection

                          Climbing Rose

Papaya” Petunias

Below are a few photos of my Meyer Lemon tree (got 44 this year),
staghorn fern, pansy window box and pansies-and-decorative kale bed, mostly
having to do with my fall/winter garden (or the rewards thereof...i.e. lemon




I almost forgot to include a pic of my Assistant Gardener, "Bubbles." She's not much help
but lots of company!

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