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Flowers, Butterflies and other nature related things.
Florida Master Gardener Program
What is a Master Gardener Program?

Master Gardener Programs are volunteer programs affiliated with a land-grant university and one of its cooperative extension service offices to educate the public on gardening and horticultural issues. Typically, master gardeners receive extensive training and then answer questions via phone, speak at public events and participate in community gardening displays

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Did you know there are 24,000 different kinds of butterflies worldwide? Butterflies range in size from a tiny 1/8 inch to a huge almost 12 inches. The transformation of the frequently ugly or bizarre caterpillar into an elegant butterfly is truly one of the regularly performed miracles of nature. For an even closer view, you can buy butterfly kits to raise Painted Lady Butterflies from caterpillar to adult, right in your home.
BHG Plant Encyclopedia Better Homes and Gardens has a website where you can find and see lots of images of all kinds of flowers.

Find the best annual and perennial flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, roses, and more for your garden and landscape.




Plants have been a constant source of business and employment throughout human history. This website gives you a wealth of information and a comprehensive library of plants and biosciences.

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The Library identifies, acquires, conserves, catalogues, and otherwise provides access to published materials relating to botany and its history, with an emphasis on systematics. Known for its collection of historical works on botany, the Library is a non-circulating research collection consulted by the Institute's staff, visiting scholars and the public. The collection features 29,000 books and other botanical publications that date from the late 1400s and focus on the development of botany as a science and includes modern taxonomic monographs, floristic works and serial titles in the plant sciences





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