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Feature of the Month? Wekiva Leadership Camp
Would you like to go to Camp?

 At Camp our boys and girls enjoy a unique outdoor living and learning experience, with close supervision. They explore the beauty of wild Florida, enjoy the plants and animals of Wekiva and discover the importance of conservation for the future of our state and our planet. Our motto for our youth is "Campers Today – Environmental Leaders Tomorrow”

 All who attend or serve at our camp have an unforgettable experience enjoying nature, crafts, and the beauty of the natural world in a magical, beautiful and pristine setting. Campers should be interested in nature and like the outdoors. They do not have to be a Florida resident and we welcome participation without regard to race, color, religion or ethnicity.
Ronette Snyder, Robin Springstead, Ingrid Velez and Nancy Houk attended what Ronette affectionately and jokingly calls, "Granny Camp." It's actually the Wekiva Leadership Camp for people who will be Youth Camp Counselors during the summer session.
Wekiva Youth Camp a residential nature camp for 3rd through 8th grade youngsters,
sponsored by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (FFGC)
with the purpose of instilling a love and respect for the “Real” Florida in our youth,
as well as a knowledge of nature, the importance of conservation, and the protection of our environment.

Ronette was happy to share her crafts and experiences from he weekend at the Wekiva Leadership camp. She said she was so glad she had gone and had the best time.

Ronette detailed how they had learned to make art from nature.


Ronette's Journal she made and the poem she wrote celebrating her weekend at "Granny Camp."

Ingrid shared her poem with us also.

Nancy Houk who always shares a poem with us at the start of every BGC meeting, read us her Wekiva poem.

In our fall session of the BGC website, there will be a follow-up on the Wekiva Youth Camp Summer Session of 2011 as narrated from the perspective of one of our own BCG club camp counselors.




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