2011 June Feature is The Apple Basket Garden
May 14 was a Saturday and found us once more at Annie's Garden for another container planting session. Ingrid, Louise and myself, Linda attended the early Saturday morning demonstration.
Annie's is always a beautiful place to spend the morning and her assortment of plants and herbs are always a delight for the senses.
I spent a few minutes chasing a butterfly around trying to get a picture of it...and then it was time to pay attention to Patricia's informative lesson.
Today's lesson was on Apple Basket Container Gardens...and we learned how to make complete butterfly habitats in one Apple bushel basket.
Patricia said the baskets are treated and if left outdoors, should last about three years in the Florida weather.

We followed the same 3 container garden elements, using the "thriller, filler and spiller" plant arrangment.

It was fun...I had my apple basket and Ingrid had hers and Louise did some plant browsing while we were busy.
After we had finished, Annie's Garden plant assistant, Helen, helped us get our baskets onto a cart and Ingrid told Helen that next time, we would wear our pearls just like Helen wears hers to the garden.
Two apple container baskets pretty much filled up the back of Ingrid's van...so you might think we had our fill and went home....but noooooooooo..........we had to go to Duncheon's Nursery.
We needed MORE Plants...and Duncheon's has a large variety of plants you just can't find at the big box stores.
So we really filled up the van and had just enough room to squeeze Louise in....and then we went home.
Another fun filled day with Annie's Garden Shed and plants.
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