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The Brooksville Garden Club

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The Brooksville Garden Club is a community based social organization. We do strive to educate and enlighten people about all things nature related. We do community projects, do fundraisers to fund projects like 100Acre Wood, the Living Memories Garden and to assist the Wekiva Youth Camp


(From The FFGC Prayer Book)

O Lord, From Whom We Inherited the Holy Earth –
Help Us To Be Faithful Stewards,
Conserving Its Productivity
From Generation To Generation.

Help Us To Safeguard Fields Entrusted
To Our Care From Soil Erosion;
Our Streams From Pollution and Drying Up;
Our Harvesting Of Trees And The Arsonist’s Fire;
And The Hills On Which We Rest Our Eyes
From Overgrazing By Cattle; That Those Who Come After Us
May Have Abundance Forever.
Help Us to Be On Guard Against Dredgers And
Fillers Lest They Spoil Our Vanishing
Shorelines And Our Beautiful Bays, Meantime
Destroying The Habitat Of Our Valued
Underwater Marine Life.

Grant O God, That We Shall Not Fail
In This Stewardship Of the Land Lest
Our Fruitful Fields Be Doomed To Exist
On Barren Soil Because Of Our Negligence.

Help Us To Realize That Conservation
Is Not Just A Word, But the Very Life Of
Beach and Bird; And That In Trying To
Keep Florida Clean and Green We Are But
Acknowledging Our Gratitude For That
Divine Guidance and Goodness.


Meet The Executive Board The Membership Directory

Standing Committee Chairmen

Lois Bendheim is our Festivel of Trees Chairman Ronette Snyder is the Chairman of the Living Memories Garden and Adopt a Trail Sherry Pedonesi is our Chairman for the Moton School Project
Robin Springstead is the Chairman for Field Trips Judy Jordan is our Sunshine Chairman Linda Westrich-Heine is the Parliamentarian and the WebMaster and Chairman of the Awards and Scrapbook Committees
Sheila Teurbet is the Hostess Chaplain Priscilla Tierney is the Hostess Co-Chairman Dee Zelenka is the second Hostess Co-Chairman
Debbie Johnson the Chairman of the City Hall Exhibits Pamela Staunko is the Ways & Means Chairman Sandy Newman is the Chairman of the Gift Baskets
Laura Cummings is the Publicity Chairman Peggy Pope is the Back Pack for Kids Chairman Norma Jean Rawson is the Budget Chairman
Becky Evans is Co-Chairman with Robin on the Scholaship and Wekiva Committee Jim & Mary Fait make up the Christmas Card Committee
Nancy George is the Chairman of the Spring Luncheon Collette Bortolin is the Chairman of our Christmas Luncheon  

Mrs. E. Waltz © * 1960-1962
Mrs. Sidney Dick © 1962-1963
Mrs. R. B. Grubbs © * 1963-1964
Mrs. H. O. Rollins 1964-1965
Mrs. John Carter © * 1965-1967
Mrs. D. W. Griffin 1967-1968
Mrs. Eugene Crayton * 1968-1970
Mrs. Reba Hagood * 1970-1971
Mrs. Bryan Lovett 1971-1972
Mrs. James Stewart 1972-1973
Mrs. G. P. Brayton 1973-1974
Mrs. Sidney Dick © * 1974-1976
Mrs. Florence Bradford 1976-1978
Mrs. L. W. Jacobus 1978-1980
Mrs. Larry Hills 1980-1983
Mrs. Eugene Crayton * 1983-1985
Mrs. Robert Ulrich 1985-1987
Mrs. John Cabala * 1987-1989
Mrs. Joseph Gaige * 1989-1991
Mrs. Charles Compton 1991-1993
Mrs. Ralph Antonson 1993-1994
Mrs. Jackie Noble * 1994-1995
Mrs. Genie Moore * 1995-1996
Mrs. Nancy Salmon 1996-1996
Mrs. James Reid 1996-1997
Mrs. Corinne Hutchins Keys 1997-1999
Mrs. James W. Lewis 1999-2001
Mrs. Charles B Malone 2001-2003
Mrs. Cherry Stettin 2003-2005
Mrs. Nicole Sensale # 2005-2006
Mrs. T. L. Diaz # 2006-2009
Mrs. Louise Allen 2009-2013

© = Charter Member (*) = Deceased (#) = Moved Away
Life Members Honorary Members
Mrs. John (Mary) Roush Mrs. Albert (Elinor) Austin
Mrs. Robert (Doris) Dorn *
Marybelle Carney *
Gloria Nadeau



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