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2013 Wekiva Leadership Camp

Wekiva Youth Camp a residential nature camp for 3rd through 8th grade youngsters, sponsored by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (FFGC) with the purpose of instilling a love and respect for the “Real” Florida in our youth, as well as a knowledge of nature, the importance of conservation, and the protection of our environment.
Every year Wekiva Leadership Training takes place over a 3-day weekend in February. This year Brooksville GC had 6 women attend camp for a "campers
experience". Members attending were: Robin Springstead, Julie Mayles, Barbara Stanley, Nancy Houk, Meg Adair and Ingrid Velez.

Camp leaders are Garden Club members from around the state of Florida and every year, they are gathered together to experience in a few days what the youth campers will get in a week.


Under the supervision of Wekiva Youth Camp’s Chairman, the Wekiva staff consists of a Director, Assistant Director, Waterfront Director, as well as Senior and Junior Counselors,
Counselors in Training, Lifeguards, and many Volunteers.  Volunteers include members of FFGC’s Garden Clubs from around the state as well as highly qualified members of the environmental community, and our infirmary is staffed by a registered nurse twenty-four/seven.  Our kitchen staff provides three hearty meals each day.

Many members of the staff are former Wekiva campers and counselors, and background checks are required for all who interact with the campers.

Instructors:  Garden Club volunteers and paid staff.

Camp Nurse:  Garden Club volunteer  - Registered Nurse

Counselors: 11th & 12th grade & college age selected.

CIT Counselor in Training:  9th & 10th graders.

Swimming instructor:  Paid qualified instructor

Security person

Cook and helpers

Robin Springstead and Meg Adair.







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