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2013 RSVP Barbecue

On October 23, 2013 RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) held an appreciation barbecue luncheon for it's volunteers. Brooksville Garden Club participates in several projects that fall under the RSVP umbrella. The Back Pack For Kids, Moton Elementary Garden, Adopt-a-Trail, Wekiva Youth Camp, etc....all fall under the RSVP requirements for volunteer service.

The RSVP barbecue was held at the Sand Hill Boy Scouts Reserve located on Hwy 50 west of Brooksville and the meeting took place in the Camp Cafeteria.


There was a massive stone fireplace that was the centerpiece of the room.

It was a beautiful room with a massive cathedral type ceiling.


The food was very good and we all had a good time.


BGC Members, Ronette Snyder, Sherry Pedonesi, Wynn Miller, Sheila Turbet, Connie Harvey and Judy Bouchet


BGC Members, Lois Bendheim, Peggy Pope, Carol Wood, Judy Jordan and Ingrid Velez. Linda Westrich-Heine is the person behind the camera that you can't see.



BGC Members, Norma Jean Rawson, Beverly Lewis and Clara Hauser.





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